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 Capgun's Application

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Division Commander

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PostSubject: Capgun's Application   Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:17 pm

What is your in-game/overall name that you go by?: CapGun

What are your past names that you have gone by?: Too many.

What is your age?: 15

Why did you decide to join T2?: Why not?

Have you had any past clan experiences?: Too many to list.

How long have you been playing Republic Commando?: 6-7 years.

Were you recruited or told to join T2 by anyone?: Skate

How much do you play Republic Commando?: Couple times a week.

What is your timezone/country that you live in?: Oregon

Do you have Steam? If so, what's your username?: mrcapgun

What is your favorite/best weapon to use?: The blaster.

Describe your gaming style: Defensive.

Post some screenshots! Impress us with you skill!: Don't have any.

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Capgun's Application
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